In this feature, you can have a companion to be with you to all your battles. Once you reach level 12 you will have your ally wiht you. It will automaticaly unlock an ally that will help you accomplish your quests.

How can I upgrade allies?

You can upgrade your ally by  receiving reward items after a Mission/Story, Events, buying through Mall/Shop or Lottery.


New Allies

  • When you reach level 17, you can use another ally that will be added to your everyday battles. You can figth your battles with 2 allies at the same time.
  • When you reach level 27, you will have a Backup Ally that can be a subtitute to your fallen ally. And when you reached level 37 you will unlock another Backup Ally, that can be a subtitite to your first fallen allies or switch them to your curent allies.
  • In lottery, you can also unlock different class of allies

How can I upgrade my allies?

  • You can upgrade your ally by equiping them some item only exclusive for your allies.
  • You can also increase your ally’s Star up by collecting ally fragments. In this feature your ally’s stat increase.

How can I use them?

You can equip your ally by just simple clicking the blank space or by simply clicking the start button bellow them.


What are the ally skills?

  • Manual Skill – In this feature, you manualy activate your ally’s skill.
  • Auto Release – In this feature, your ally automaticaly release their skills.

Where can I get ally upgrade materials?

You can get the upgrade materials in Lottery, Discount shop and Hell Mode Exploration. You can also receive ally fragments as well.

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