This helps you to increase your damage to your enemies. This also add an additional skill to your hero.

Advantage and Benefits

The artifact will help you to increase your damage to your enemy by simply activating the artifact to give a massive damage to your enemy. But take note, after using the artifact it needed to be cool down.


This artifacts can also be upgraded by using “Heart of Eliem”.

How to use the artifact?

To use the artifact, you need first to activate your artifact, then after that, another skill will show to your hero’s skill. You can simply activate the artifact by simply clicking the skill button.


Where you can find the “Heart of Eliem”?

You can buy the heart of eliem in the Diamond mall or mall or you can grab it as a reward int the “Abysss tower”.

Different Types of Artifacts

  • Titan’s Hammer – Increases damage by 1000% to enemies within 5 cells and has 30% chance of freezing the target by 5 sec.
  • Dragon Blessing – Increase on damage by 15% and max hp by 15%, damage received reduce by 15%, duration 10 sec.
  • Lightning Storm – Summon lightning storm attack to all enemies within 4 cells, causes a total damage of 1300%, duration 4 sec.
  • Resistance Fire Ring – Increases damage by 200% to enemies within 6 cells and silences the target for 5 sec.
  • Petrifaction Gaze – Causes enemies standing on the skill projection within 100% attack damage, damage increase by 100% for 5 sec.
  • Soul Cut – Repels enemies within 4 cells and increase damage by 1000% for 1.5 sec.
  • Time Machine – Stun enemies within 6 cells for 5 sec while disregarding endure status.
  • War Regalia – Summon the evil power causes 5 yards of enemies 7 times total 1,500% attack damage.

How to level up my artifacts and why do I need to level it?

To upgrade the artifacts, you need a “Heart of Eliem” You can find it in the tower of Abyss and on discount shop. Every lvl up of the artifact, the damage of the artifact increase. It also increase your defense.


How to increase the stars of my artifact and why do i need to increase it?

To increase the stars of your artifact, you need to upgrade the artifacts. You need to find the artifact fragments to increase the stars and also the buffs.

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