Creating Characters

In this feature, it shows the stats and the character’s info of every hero you can create and use them for every battle in the game.


In every characters, they have different types of skills that can be a huge damage to their opponents. This will also help you to give more damage to your enemy to hunt them down at the same time but take note. Every skill has a cool down so you better use your skill for good.

How can I use it?

You can easily use your skills by simply tapping it in-game.


How can I upgrade it?

  1. Simply click the Hero icon in the game lobby.
  2. Click skill.
  3. Upgrade/One Key up. (“One key up” – Upgrade your skill to max instantly)

But take note* - Your skill will be only upgrade according to your hero’s level.


What’s a STAT?

In this feature, you can see the hero’s ability where you can identify Its strengths and weaknesses. A statistic (or stat) in role-playing games is a piece of data that represents a particular aspect of a fictional character.

Benefits and Advantages of STATS

The benefits of having a STATS is you can know the weak points of your hero and your advantage is you can strengthen the weak spots of your hero



  • Single ATK – This tell how the basic attack of a hero damage every attack in a battle.
  • Defence – This shows the endurance of a hero in every damage of the enemy.
  • AOE (Area of Effect) – This shows the effect of the damage of a hero’s skill or attack.
  • Control – This will show how your hero can keep pace with their opponents.
  • Range – This tells how aggressive your hero can be.


A balance warrior, He is the front liner in the battle field. Vanquish foes with might and brute force.



Agile and versatile even the dead will die again with her attack. Dance your way with blades, bringing enemies to their demise.



Free spirited and naive yet lethal in every battle. Hacks and slash through the formidable stronghold.



Mysterious manipulator of the forces of light and darkness. Control the forces of nature to sweep detractors.



In this feature, your title indicates how powerful your hero in the game.

What are the benefits of having a title?

In every title, it includes an additional buff. The higher the achievement title, the better.


Different types of Title

In this feature, you can unlock different title when you achieve the task that’s been given in this feature.

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