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HACK and SLAY your way through an extraordinary world of monsters and mayhem in Dragon Samurai!

Unearth mysterious artifacts to help you outstrip boss monsters, dungeons, instances and PVP arena lords! Gather your guildmates and team up to overthrow fierce adversaries. Be the King of the Battlefield by exploring and unlocking countless ways of boosting your battle power!


Vanquish foes with might and brute force
Dance your way with blades bringing enemies to their demise
Hacks and slash through formidable stronghold
Control the forces of nature to sweep detractors

Conquer dungeons and instances, eliminates bosses, unearth mysterious artifacts and discover the uncharted. Ace the rankings and prove that you’re the finest in the land

Basic Guides

Ally-System.png Game-Login.png Game-Configuration.png Character-Growth.png
Ally System Game Login Game Configuration Character Growth
Gem-System.png Artifact-System.png Guild-System.png Equipment-System.png
Gem System Artifact System Guild System Equipment System
Action.png Characters.png Wings.png Lottery.png
Action Characters Wings Lottery
Item-Shop.png Honor.png Arena-Worship.png
Item Shop Honor Arena Worship

Advanced Guides

Guild-War.png Dragon-Totem-System.png Equipment-Enchanting.png Equipment-Evolution.png
Guild War Dragon Totem System Equipment Enchanting Equipment Evolution
Flight-System.png Mount-System.png Power-of-Dragon.png Refine-System.png
Flight System Mount System Power of Dragon Refine System

Patch Notes

February 2018

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