There are 2 main options a player can access to disable and enable in game settings.

  • Sound Settings – Tap to turn on/off the game’s background music and game battle music.
  • Resolution – This will let you access the graphics of your phone and adjust it into Low and High graphics.
  • Push Settings – This setting will let you see the system notification and Display tips in the game.

Other Options

  • Characters – This will allow you to change your character to use your another character in the game.
  • Escape function – This will allow you to return immediately in the town if you’re stuck or trap on a stage or part of a place.
  • Bind Account – This will allow you to bind your game account into facebook or Gmail account.
  • Title – This will allow you to rename your character name.
  • Quit – Exit Button
  • Support – If you have any suggestions or concern, this is where you can request it to the game developers.
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