This can enhance your character’s bassic attributes like:

  • Critical Rate level (Sapphire)
  • Attack (Ruby)
  • Fatal Blow (Purpele Gem)
  • Real Damage (Cat Eye Gem)
  • Health (Emerald)
  • Defence (Topaz)

This gems can be upgrade to different clases by combining three Gems


What are the advantage and benefits of Gems?

The advantages of gems increases your stats and gives you more devastating blows to your skills.

How could I find some gems?

Gems can be found in Diamond shop, Discount mall and King Shop (Winner mall).

In King Shop (Winner mall) you can only purchase a gem by using King of order (currency) unlike in diamond mall, you can only purchase a gem by using diamonds only.

How to craft some gems?

To craft a gem, you’ll need to have 3 same gems to craft it.

Take note: You can only craft the same class gems.



Take note: You can only use 2 kinds of 10 grade gem in every types of Gems.

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