This is an organized group of players that regularly play together in one multiplayer game, but is focused on a particular mode Range from groups of a few friends to 20-person organizations, with a broad range of structures, goals and members.


Create your own guild with your friends.

How to create a Guild?

  1. Click Guild in the lower right side
  2. Create a guild.
  3. Put the guild name,  your description about your build and set your guild logo.

How to join a Guild?

  1. Click the guild logo in the game lobby.
  2. Search the guild you wanted to join then click apply and wait for the guild master to respond 

How to level up a Guild?

  1. Click the guild logo in the game lobby.
  2. Then click confirm to upgrade your guild. (Make sure you have enough “Guild funds” to upgrade)

Where could i find some Guild funds?

Guild coins can be found in Guild Donation by purchasing different God Stones. With this, you can earn Guild funds which you can use to upgrade your guild.


Guild Contribution and it’s uses.

In Guild Contribution, you can give here your contribution for the guild. This is also the other way to have the Guild funds to upgrade your Guild.


Guild Mission

In this feature, each member of the guild has a quest that can. The more members achieve the quest, the larger the rewards will be.


Guild Challenge

In this feature, you and your members will battle against a Ghost Hunter. If you won the battle, you will recieve “Guild funds”, Personal contributions and Ally food. This system will reset the guild BOSS and your challenge points everyday at 12 mid night. Every time you fight the BOSS it will consume your challenge points. If you change guilds, the number of challenge will not refresh.

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