This features allows you to gain extra attributes and stats by completing the story mode.

You will gain a “Star Points” everytime you clear a stage with Stars for the first time.

You will continously gain Stars until you managed to get 3 stars for all the stages in the Story Mode.

In case you finished a stage for the first time with only 1 star because your CP is low, Dont worry. 

You will be able to get the other 2 stars if you play that stage again until you managed to clear it with 3 stars.


You can only gain a total of 450 stars at the moment given that you managed to finish all story modes chapter in Normal and Hell mode.

There are different type of ranks of Dragons. The higher the ranks the better the stats you receive.


The higher the rank of your totem the better the stats you will receive.

Please keep in mind that the stats of  the totem varies per rank.

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