This wings can help to enhance your Health, Attack and Defense. Wing also symbolizes power in the land of eliem.

How can I get a wing?

Wings can be obtain after you reach level 8 on your hero.

What are the benefits of having a Wings?

Wings can also enhance your hero’s stats. It also increase your hero’s health and defense.


This is where you can enhance your wings to increase your health, Attack and defense.

How to enhance my wing?

You can enhance your wings by using “Emerald Feathers”. You can only enhance your wing acording to your curent level. The higher your level, the higher you can enhance your wings.


Why do I need to enhance my Wings?

Every time you enhance your wings the stats increases which means it make you stronger in every battle.


This is where you can advance and evolve your wings by using “Eagle feathers”. Every advance, you’ll change the type of your wings.


What are the advantages?

Every advance the wings evolve into something that is more powerful than the previous wings. It helps you to improve your strength in every battles. The higher the level, the higher the stats can be.


This section is where you choose your wing to be equip. In this area, you will see 7 different kinds of wings. In every wing upgrade, the stats of the wings increases. You can still choose the wings as you like. 

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